Query parameters

  • origin string Required

    Origin of voyage. Can be a locode or a lat,long

  • destination string Required

    Destination of voyage. Can be a locode or a lat,long

  • modality string Required

    Modality of voyage. Can be DEEPSEA, SHORTSEA, BARGE, RAIL or TRUCK


  • 200

    Calculated the emissions in CO2eTeu, C02eTon and the distance in meters

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
  • 204

    The emissions couldn't be calculated because a route could not be found

  • 400

    Bad request, query parameters were wrong

  • 500

    Something went wrong on our side.

GET /api/emissions
curl \
 -X GET https://connect.routescanner.com/route-information/api/emissions?origin=string&destination=string&modality=string
Response examples (200)
  "co2eTeu": 42.0,
  "co2eTon": 42.0,
  "distance": 42